Friday, November 11, 2011

Recent events involving topfreedom

So it's been a bit since we've posted anything here. Sorry about that. Life has been busy.

So we've decided to post about a couple of recent events involving the exercise of topfreedom rights.

The first involves a art performance event in New York City organised by Zefrey Throwell. At the event three people were arrested, one of which being a woman exercising her topfreedom rights while walking an imaginary dog. All three individuals recently went to court, and the charges against them were dropped. More details can be found at the Young Naturists America blog.

The other recent event involves the Occupy Wall Street event in New York City. A few women involved in the event chose to exercise their topfreedom rights. There was a minor incident involving local law enforcement. A description about the incident by one of the women can be found in this youtube video.

If you have information about any other recent events let us know and we will try to share the news.